Cars and Bikes! I love them both and even more when some hard work, lots of money and a heap of passion have gone into creating them. I like being able to capture all the intricate details that are involved in making the machine a personal piece of art. Traditional or totally wild whatever your machine is I'll capture it in a pure complementary way. Studio or location you pick the destination and I'll do the rest.


My passion for music came at a very early age. After playing drums for over 15 years and also being involved with Southcreek Sound recording studio it only made sense that my photography would lead into the music world. Having done live gigs and studio work with vocalists and bands getting creative with album artwork and promo posters was a natural thing. Whatever type of music you play and perform I can get you in your element.


My creative side is what keeps me ticking. Thinking of an idea and then making it happen always has it's rewards. Whether it is coming up with something bizarre and unusual or capturing everyday things in a different way I like pushing my creativeness by myself and by others. So if you want a different kind of portrait or have a whacked out idea lets collaborate and make magic of the creative type happen.

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